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Tired of leaving your precious bundles and wigs any and everywhere? Our "Stay Pressed" Hair Holders can help you protect your extensions while they aren't being used. No more putting your used extensions and wigs in plastic bags or under the sink causing them to be tangled when you're ready to use. Simply take your hair, place into the bag, zip and hang!


Each bag holds one wig or 3 bundles and a closure or frontal up to 30 inches.


Now you can maintain the longevity on your hair any and everywhere! Made specially for bundles and wigs.


"Stay Pressed" Hair Holders

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Take your wooden hanger outside of the storage bag

    • Open the hanger & place your bundles or wig inside 
    • Secure the hanger & place the hanger with extensions attached back in the storage bag. 
    • Zip bag and hang in closet or location of your choosing!
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